EGLS Weihnachtsfeier

Please join us for our Holiday Celebration next Saturday, 12/10, from 10am to 12pm in the upstairs auditorium. The students will perform a variety of performances, followed by craft activities and a potluck. Please bring a dish to share (breakfast items, baked goods, fruit or anything else you would like to share). We will provide beverages.
Also: Calling all bakers to bring undecorated cookies so the children can decorate them during the event. We are using Signup again. Please go to to sign-up to bring 24 or more sugar cookies. Recipe link included. Signup won't ask you to register. Please help! We need around 240 cookies to let every child decorate a couple of them. Bonus: If you work for a company that matches volunteer hours, you can get cookie baking volunteer time matched!
Note: Students should arrive for class at 9:30AM so teachers can do the final preparation for the performances.

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