Fall 2013 Newsletter

President’s Message

Dear EGLS Students & Families

Welcome returning families and new friends and students to the 2013/2014 EGLS school year.  We hope that you are all settled into your classes and have had an opportunity to reconnect with friends and build new friendships.  On behalf of the Board and outstanding staff, we are very excited to have a student base of 96 this school year spanning our SpielGruppe through adult classes.  This represents an increase of 15% over last year. 

We pride ourselves on being a non-profit organization.  As you may know we rely on fundraisers, tuition and corporate matching programs for our operating budget.  Did you know corporate matching programs and fundraisers contribute to over 20% to our operating budget? Wow!  Please keep this in mind when you volunteer your hours to EGLS events or classroom – many local corporates provide matching benefits. 

As school is underway, this is a good time to connect with your kids to see what is working for your child.  What is challenging your child? Is there an area you want to see your child grow in this year as it relates to German language and culture?  We have a diverse group of students and want to encourage you to share your thoughts with your teachers.


Christina Easton

President of the Board, Eastside German Language School


Principal’s Message

Dear Student’s Families and Friends of EGLS.

It seemed like the first day of school on September 7, 2013 was just around the corner and now, after a great Oktoberfest we are already thinking of holiday celebrations and Weihnachten.

Together with all of our teachers we are striving to improve our curriculum, serve our students and ensure that German is a long-lasting and important part of their lives.  This trend becomes even more obvious as a growing number of EGLS families with two or three generations are attending classes at the same time to learn German.

Since the German central agency for studies abroad made some changes, we now have a new German consultant for the Pacific Northwest, Natasha Milde.  She is located in Bellevue, WA.

Just before Weinachtsfeier, our advanced high school students will take the written part of the Deutsche Sprachdiplom language certificate, level two.  Their oral exam will be in the beginning of January.  The Deutsche Sprachdiplom language certificate, level one and all other German language certificates will be administered in spring.  Since the American Association of Teachers of German (AATG) changed their test format to an online format, we won’t offer this test this year to adapt to the new format first.

We are looking forward to another fun and successful school year!


Angrid Henning

Principal, Eastside German Language School


STAMP-Test News

Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency

Many more school districts have now implemented competency-based credits for World Languages and also offer Assessment Days and award credits to their students, based for example on the STAMP Test (Standards-Based Measurement of Proficiency) 

For Instance, the Kent school district now offers free testing for their students in the district.  If you are interested please ask at your school office for World Language testing and credits.

Additionally, you can also find information about the tests at:


Please note that this test won’t be administered by EGLS, however with our curriculum students will be well prepared once they enter the high school level


EGLS School News

EGLS Pick up Policy

Students will not be dismissed early or released to anyone other than their parent or guardian without prior arrangement with school office personnel.  If it is necessary for you to pick up your child from school early, please come to the classroom to pick him/her up.  No child shall be released from the school without an  appropriate parent or guardian.  When you follow these procedures, you help to keep all children at EGLS safe.  These measures are taken in a partnership between home and school to ensure your child’s safety.

Preschool News

The holiday’s activities are some of our favorite in the preschool!  This year they include crafts to help our kids decorate, games to help them celebrate, worksheets to challenge their mind, poetry to ponder, cards to share with friends and family, oodles of pages to color and lots songs to sing together!  

EGLS Library

The EGLS library cart is located on the first floor by the bathrooms.  We have many wonderful books for all ages, music and audiobook CDs and DVDs.  Most DVDs are region 2 and do not work on American DVD players. Please check them out in the binder (please print) and return within 1-2 weeks to the appropriate shelf.  Please don’t keep them any longer as they are used in the classes.  The library is self-serve but if you have any questions contact Thea, Birgit or Ursula.


Matching Gifts Programs

Corporate Matching Gifts have proven to be a wonderful revenue source for EGLS.  We are fortunate that so many companies in this region participate in Matching Gifts Programs.  Here is a quick understanding of the programs that companies may offer.  Please see if your company will match your gift and potentially double the revenue!!

Usually matching gifts are equal to the amount given by the original donor, i.e. a 1:1 ratio.  For example, if a donor makes a gift of $100 to an organization, the matching company will also give $100, making the total gift worth $200.  While 1:1 matches are the most common, matching gifts can be of a variety of ratios, including 0.5:1 (the matching company giving $50 for every $100 given by the donor) and 3:1 (the matching company giving $300 for every $100 given by the donor).

Some matching gift corporations offer matching gift programs to the spouses of their company employees and retirees from their companies.

Some companies also offer volunteer grants where they offer monetary donations as a match for employee’s volunteer work.  In these cases, companies will donate either X dollars per hour of volunteering that an employee did on their own time or Y dollars after say 50 hours.  This can be a major source of fundraising for a non-profit!

Non-Profit organizations sometimes receive “Challenge Matches”, wherein a given donor, rather than giving a large gift outright, offers to give the organization a large donations with the stipulation that only as much as is raised from other donors within a certain span of time will be actually given to that organization.

Regardless of your company's individual program, it is a great way to help non-profit organizations like EGLS be successful!!


Parent’s Coffee Time

Please join EGLS parents for coffee at the Factoria Mall.  While our kids are in class, many parents as well as the library volunteers often meet in the larger seating areas near Panera or Sawdust Coffee/Target.  So stop by before shopping and introduce yourselves!  Look for Thea and Erik Fortune or other faces you recognize!


Seattle KinderSpass

Join Seattle KinderSpass – an online forum for the German community in Seattle and the Eastside.  A great way to share information on immigration or passports or schools, buy or sell German items, job offers and more.  Sign-up is easy: go to http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/SeattleKiderSpass/info


Weihnachtsfeier: Dec. 14th

Come celebrate Weihnachtsfeier with EGLS on Saturday December 14th from 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM.  Enjoy traditional German treats and Christmas Songs as well as a mini Christkindlemarkt created by the EGLS students.  There will be cookies, newspapers, fruit bread and jewelry for sale.  Don’t miss this wonderful family event with EGLS!


Bis Bald!

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