2020 German Movies at SIFF Cinema Egyptian

Thursday, February 20, 2020 | SIFF Cinema Egyptian

6:00 PM

The Devil Strikes at Night | Nachts, wenn der Teufel kam (35mm)


The hunt for a serial killer in Nazi Germany runs afoul of the Reich when the culprit doesn't fit their desired profile. Late classic by a noir master! (d: Robert Siodmak, c: Claus Holm, Annemarie Düringer, and Mario Adorf, West Germany, 1957, 97 min) German with English subtitles.

8:30 PM

Black Gravel | Schwarzer kies


A black-market trucker, whose former flame is married to a U.S. officer, tries to hide a fatal hit-and-run. Rescued Cold War cinema at its bleakest. (d: Helmut Käutner, c: Helmut Wildt, Ingmar Zeiberg, and Hans Cossy, West Germany, 1961, 113 min) German with English subtitles.

2020 EGLS Fasching

EGLS Fasching Celebration

Saturday, 2/8/20, from 10:30am-12pm at school

Our Fasching celebration will start at 10:30 am on Saturday, 2/8/20, not 10 am as reporting in the earlier newsletter.

Please note that parents or guardians of our youngest students (pre-school and lower elementary school grades) should be present during the festivities as games will take upstairs in Benson Hall while food and drink will be handed out downstairs. We need additional chaperones for safe and fun activities. We will play games, do some dancing and share Krapfen/Berliner/Donuts and drinks.

Your children and you should come in costume for best effect!

Classes will start as usual at 9:30 am and the festivities will start at 10:30 am and end at 12 pm.

Helau! Alaaf!

2019 EGLS Oktoberfest

2019 EGLS Oktoberfest

Saturday, 10/12/19 from 5pm to 10pm at Mount Baker Community Center in Seattle

Get ready for another great Oktoberfest at the Mount Baker Community Center in Seattle! The venue holds up to 200 guests and is perfect for the Enzian Schuhplattler performances, dining, drinking, dancing and kids' activities. As always, we plan to serve traditional Bavarian food from Leberkäs, Würstchen, Rotkohl and Brezen along with plenty of beer and Apfelschorle! And of course: there will be a cake and cookie dessert buffet! So get your Lederhosen and Dirndls on!

New this year! Free entry for EGLS students and families! Food and drink tickets will be available for purchase at the front door.

New this year! All volunteers that fill at least one spot from our SignUp list (bring items or assist with your time) will receive a free food ticket!

We need your help to make this event a success! We need volunteers to help setup and breakdown, serve food and drinks, sell tickets at the door, entertain kids with simple games or face painting or bring red cabbage or Sauerkraut or baked goods for our dessert buffet. If you can volunteer before, during or after the event, please sign-up here.

2019 EGLS Adventsfeier

EGLS Adventsfeier 2019

Saturday, 12/14/19, 10am-12pm

Please join us for our annual holiday celebration this Saturday, 12/14/19, from 10am to 12pm in the upstairs auditorium (Benson Hall). The students will perform a variety of performances, followed by craft activities and a potluck. Please bring a dish to share (breakfast items, baked goods, fruit or anything else you would like to share). We will provide beverages.
Note: Students should arrive for class at 9:30AM so teachers can do the final preparation for the performances.

2019 EGLS Library

EGLS Library

Come check us out!

EGLS has a great library with German reading, listening and viewing material for children of all ages. Simply check out whatever books, audio CDs or DVDs you are interested in via the white binder and return the following week.
For families that checked out material over the summer, please remember to return your books, CDs and DVDs so that others can have a turn.

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