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We have included some pictures to give you a better insight on how the school is celebrating German traditional fests. The students for sure have a lot of fun!


School Year 2016/2017

Fasching 2017



Wie in jedem Jahr ist auch dieses Jahr wieder einmal Fasching.


School Year 2015/2016

Fasching 2016


Und schon wieder ist Fasching.

St. Martin 2015


Unser traditioneller Laternenumzug.


School Year 2009/2010

Maifest - May 2010


German speaking countries could be explored through the classrooms showcasing the different regions. Teachers and students had a lot of fun activities showcasing "learn German, have fun", among them a dance workshop with the Schuhplattlers.

Nikolausfeier - December 2009




Vielen Dank an alle für die tolle Nikolausfeier und die tolle Vorbereitung. Es hat richtig Spass gemacht, den Kindern bei ihren Vorträgen zuzuschauen!

Martinsfeier/Laternenumzug - November 2009



On such a rainy wet day ... what a fantastic turnout and lanterns!

1st Day of School - September 2009


On the first day of school, all parents and students assemble in the hall and are greeted by the president of the board (Rob), the principal (Angrid) and the teachers. This year was especially exiting, since the EGLS received the PASCH certificate from the German government.


School Year 2008/2009

Nikolaus - December 2008


Der Nikolaus came by for quick visit this year, too. The students from the Hasen-, Marienkäfer-, and Waldstrolchklasse were surprised by his visit on  Nikolaustag itself on Dec. 6th. Greeted by the kids with some poems and songs St. Nikolaus left as always some rewards in their shoes such as an orange, some nuts, and a chocolate.


School Year 2007/2008

St. Martinstag - November 2007


On St. Martinstag, kids had a half day of school, then came downstairs, lit their lanterns, and formed a procession. A bonfire was made for the event. The children walked in the procession, singing songs of appreciation of light in darkness, and were rewarded with cake and cookies.


School Year 2006/2007

Winterfest - January 1, 2007

This school year EGLS had a special event full of special offerings. The Weihnachtsfest had to be cancelled due to the big power outage in the Seattle area, and so many things were combined this year for one special event - the Winterfest.

Nikolaus - December 6, 2006

This time right on December 6th, children took off their shoes before entering the classroom and left them outside the door. A kindly St. Nicholas visited each classroom, where the children presented him with their song or poem. They were rewarded with a shoe full of traditional goodies, such as an orange, some nuts, and a chocolate.

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