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EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2015-2016

Welcome Back, October, Volunteers, Events , February, March, Maifest, Summer Greetings, Registrations


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2014-2015

Early Registration, Fall, Oktoberfest, Preschool Survey, Newsletter, General Meeting, Spring, Rummage Sale, Newsletter, Summer Camps 2015


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2013-2014

Welcome Back, Oktoberfest, News in Fall, Weihnachtsfeier, Test Awesomeness, Fasching, Winter, Weekly Preschool, General Meeting, Maifest, Early Registration


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2012-2013

Open House, August Newsletter, Oktoberfest, Family Breakfast, October Newsletter, Weihnachtsfeier, Kiepenkasper, German Piano Evening, Events, Preschool Open House, April Newsletter, Breakfast & AATG Certificates, General Meeting, Early Registration, Theater & Picnic, Maifest


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2011-2012

Newsletter August, EGLS PayPal, First Day of School, Salmon Days, Antolin, Family Breakfast, Oktoberest, Family Breakfast, EGLS Survey, December Newlsletter, Thank you, Winter Break, Family Breakfast, Fasching, Dual Citizenship & Breakfast, Church sale, General Meeting, Family Breakfast, May-Picnic, Relocation, Early Registration, Open House and Registration


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2010-2011

Dec 2011 (pdf)

Weihnachtsfest, Library, Tent City Wish List, Antolin, AATG Testing

April 2011 (pdf) (xps)

Board Positions, Preschool, Test Results, Ibex Klasse, Igel Story: Das neue Schild

Sept 2010 (pdf)

Open House, Testing at EGLS, Events


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2009-2010

April 2010 (pdf)

Testing at EGLS, ZfA-Schreibwettbewerb, Preschool at EGLS, Events

January 2010 (pdf) (doc) (docx)

Happy New Year, Letter from Consul General Peter Rothen, IGEL Programm, Tent City, Testing at EGLS, Flu Season

September 2009 (pdf) (doc)

First day of school, PASCH Certificate, In Memoriam Dr. Eva Hagenmeyer, Marketing EGLS, IGEL Programm, Thank You Volunteers, Schulanfang


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2008-2009

April 2009 (pdf)

Search for Principal, Volunteers Needed, Changes in the Calendar, Schulwitze, New Location, Zungenbrecher

February 2009 (pdf)

Board Meeting Notes, Search for New Location, Volunteering, Two-Track Learning, New Logo, Thank You Volunteers

November 2008 (pdf) (doc)

Highlights of the EGLS Board and Vision Meetings, Rätsel, Upcoming Festivities, Donations, AATG Test


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2007-2008

August 2007 (pdf)

EGLS Memories, Trivia Question, New Teachers, Tent City Arrives, Canned Food Drive

November 2007 (pdf)

Library Benefit, St. Martin’s Day, Kulturkreis Martinsfeier, Alle Jahre wieder, AATG Testing, Food Drive, Bookfair

February 2008 (pdf)

EGLS Survey Results, Weihnachtsfest Fundraiser a Success, EGLS History, German Music for Kids, Witze für die ganze Familie


EGLS Newsletters of the School Year 2006-2007

March 2007 (pdf)

General Meeting, Maifest, Teacher’s Workshop, AATG Tests, Movie Afternoon, Winterfest, German Language Books at KCLS

May 2007 (pdf)

New Board Members, Tent City, Maifest, German Summer Camp

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