PayPal Subscriptions


  • Details and yearly tuition rates for the 2019-2020 school year are available in the PayPal Subscription information sheet (or .docx).

  • Start by making a one-time registration payment. The non-refundable registration fee should have been paid by cash, check, the One-Time Registration option below, our via email using a direct PayPal payment before proceeding with a subscription.

  • Please be sure to choose the correct subscription option based on the total number of students which are registered in each registration category.

  • If you register both child students and playgroup/adult students, please create two separate subscriptions.

  • If you need to register more students than are offered for a subscription category, please create separate subscriptions for each additional student.

  • Enter the student name (or names, when subscribing for more than one student) in the entry box above the Subscribe button.

  • Pressing the Pay Now or Subscribe button will send your browser to the secure PayPal site where you can enter payment information and complete the subscription signup. (A PayPal account is not needed; a credit card or bank account is required.)

  • Teacher's tuition rates apply only to students whose parents are EGLS teaching staff.

What happens after I subscribe?

Upon completion of the subscription signup, you will receive a confirmation email. If you are using PayPal for the first time, you will receive a username and password to change your subscription at any time by email. The first monthly payment will be withdrawn immediately. You will receive a receipt for this first payment by email. The subscription will bill 8 more payments automatically every month starting 30 days after you initially subscribed. You will receive a receipt each time by email. After the last payment, you will receive an email confirming the completion of the subscription. You will not be billed more than 9 times.


Subscription Options

One-Time Registration

Student(s) Name

Regular Tuition - Child Students

Number of Students
Student Name(s)

Regular Tuition - Playgroup/Adult Students

Number of Students
Student Name(s)

Teacher Tuition - Child

Number of Students
Student Name(s)
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