What are the payment options?

You can either pay full at registration by check or PayPal, in one or two installments billed, or using a PayPal subscription with 9 monthly payments.

When do I pay?

A registration fee is always due at time of registration. The first tuition payment is due at the start of the school year; a second payment is due January. Subscriptions are billed automatically to your credit card on the same day you initially subscribed in monthly intervals.

Will I get a bill?

Yes, you will get an invoice. Subscription payments send automatic invoice emails whenever a transaction occurs.

Who do I pay?

Please make the check out to the Eastside German Language School (EGLS).

What methods of payment are accepted?

For registration payments or the one and two installment options, checks are the only accepted form of payment. Payments can be made via the PayPal Send Money option. Subscription payments a made via credit card - no prior PayPal account is required.

Where do I mail my payment?

Please send your check to:

Eastside German Language School
12819 SE 38th St #496
Bellevue, WA 98006

Can I give someone my payment in person during school hours?

Please send your check to the EGLS mailing address. Your check can also be given to our principal or vice principal, who can usually be found in the hall during school hours.

How will I know how much to pay?

Who has the statements?

Who do I talk to if I didn't get a bill?

Let your teacher know, she will refer the questions to our bookkeeper.

Can I get reimbursed if the school does not meet my needs and I have pre-paid?

As of 2010, EGLS has a more formal early widthdrawal policy. Details are available on the Registration Page.