Our faculty consists of native German speakers and bi-lingual speakers who have a passion for teaching. At the heart of EGLS Saturday and weekday Preschool school is great faculty. We pride ourselves in having very little turnover. Our teachers are happy, passionate and often also parents too, who are raising their children to be bi-lingual. However, their true expertise lies in their teaching. Our faculty is committed to preparing students to speak and comprehend German and to stimulate their interest in German culture and academics.  

Anita Dunlap

I am an Early Childhood Specialist educated in Nuernberg Germany. I have two children, who are bilingual. I have been teaching at the East Side German Language School since 1997.

Currently I am teaching the youth class. Some of the students have been with me since I started teaching in the EGLS. My students participate in planning and choosing themes for the year and we work through them with reading, writing, hands on projects, discussions and more.

Since the school year 2007-08, all of my students participated in the AATG tests and completed the level IV test.

Angrid Henning

In addition to administer the Eastside German Language school I'm currently also teaching our Adult Basic German class.
As a native of Germany I grew up in Hannover, Germany, and later lived with my family in Stuttgart until we moved to the amazing Seattle area in 2007. I am a Certified Biologist and Doctor of Civil Engineering specialized in water treatment. After my graduation I worked as an assistant professor at the University of Stuttgart and at a consulting company specialized in projects for developing countries.
Since my sons started school back in Germany I have been actively participating and volunteering in the German PTA equivalent, representing the parents interest on the school board. When we moved to the United States, I have naturally joined the PTA programs of the local schools. There I help organize school and class projects and served as a parent leader, art docent, and paraeducator. Since 2016 I'm also the Director of Elementary Education of the Seattle Area German American School in Seattle.
Living in Seattle has given me and my family the opportunity to appreciate a different language and culture. As I see my sons growing up bilingually I am happy to share those experiences and to support other families who wish to discover the German culture in a friendly and enjoyable environment like the EGLS.

Monica Marco-Marquez

I was born and grew up in Muenchen, Germany, raised by Spanish parents. I lived in Munich for almost 34 years before I moved in 2006 with my husband and my daughter to Seattle. I have a degree in "Wirtschaftspaedagogik" from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. After finishing my studies I teached for several years in different schools around Munich. 
I always loved working with children so I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to teach kids between 8 and 10 years at the EGLS, next to my position as German and Spanish Teacher at "The Evergreen School". 
I love to work with children and I love to see how they improve in their language skills and how they built their confidence.

Sylvie McQuade

 I was born in Switzerland and have attended various European Universities and graduated from Berne, Switzerland with a degree in teaching (Major in foreign languages). I have been living in Issaquah since 1993 and worked in several local public schools besides teaching at EGLS and French to a home school group. I have a passion for sharing my language knowledge with children. Desiring to see each child succeed, I try to blend language structure (grammar) with TPR, songs, crafts, and various activities that appeal to different learning styles.



Kerstin Nolder

I was born and raised in Hannover, Germany. After studying in Hannover and Aix-en-Provence, France, I received my Staatsexamen I for high school teaching (grades 5 to 12) at the Leibniz University Hannover and my Staatsexamen II in Braunschweig. I have been living in the Seattle area since 1989 and teaching at EGLS since 1999. I have 2 children who are growing up bilingually. I love teaching the German language, culture and history to children. Songs, crafts, stories, authentic movies, and total physical response are part of the curriculum besides reading and writing. I have been with most of "my" students since 2002, and have seen them make enormous progress. My first priority for them is having fun while learning German.

Gabi Priss

I was born and grew up in Braunschweig, Germany. Before I came to Seattle in 1997 I worked as a Certificate Public Accountant. I received my Associate in Arts Early Childhood Education Degree in March 2009. This is my sixth year with Raupenklasse at EGLS; since September 2009 I'm also teaching in a preschool in Woodinville. I have two young children who are growing up bilingual. I love to teach the preschool age, because they are so eager to learn everything and there is so much they can discover every day. In my class we dance, sing, hear stories and retell them, do finger plays and felt stories, have art projects and for sure some free play time.

Barbara Brechtman

 I was born and grew up in North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany.  After High School I worked as an educator in a Kindergarten and at different orphanages. I love to prepare kids for their future lives.   Before moving to the Seattle area in 2008 I lived with my family in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich. 

It was fascinating to see how fast my kids became fluent in written and spoken English.  I am excited to teach in a relaxed atmosphere at the EGLS and to support the kids unique gift to learn a second language so fast.

Beth Wurdeman

My father was in the US Air Force and we moved every few years.  We spent 4 years in Germany (Wiesbaden AFB and Ramstein AFB) while I was in elementary school.  In high school in Pennsylvania, I met my best friend who was from Germany.  Her family became my second family and my love for the German language and culture bloomed.  After majoring in math at the University of Florida (minoring in German), I received a scholarship from the German American Wives Club to attend the University of Heidelberg.  After my scholarship year, I taught high school math in FL one year before working for the US Bureau of the Census as a statistician.  In Virginia, I earned my Master’s Degree in German at George Mason University.  My husband and I moved here to the Seattle area in 1997 and have 3 bilingual kids.  I taught German at Highline Community College for 3 years.  Now I volunteer at my kids’ school, teaching German for fun and being an art docent.  This is my first year at the EGLS.  Kids bring me joy and it will be great to share the language with the youngest children through songs, stories, and imaginative play.

 Fiona Brechtmann

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany and went through the German educational system until moving to the Seattle area in 2008. After finishing High School in the US, I started working on earning my B.A. in Psychology and Speech and Hearing Science with hopes of becoming a Speech and Language Pathologist. After volunteering at the EGLS, I am very excited to be joining the teaching staff and be part of such a great community. I am looking forward to seeing all the students grow throughout out this program and improving their German skills with the help of games, songs and fun activities. 

Sabine Sullivan

I was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, where I also met my American husband. In 1995, we moved to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I  worked as an administrative assistant. After moving to Seattle in 2003 and starting a family, I decided to combine my love of languages and previous work experience and completed a translation certificate program at Bellevue College. I have been working as a freelance translator and German language provider since 2007. I have a 12-year old daughter whom I raise bilingually.

Angela Dunskus-Gulick

I am new to the Seattle area (most recently from Santa Fe, NM), excited about joining this wonderful team and having the opportunity to teach and inspire. I was born in France to German parents, grew up in France, Germany, and Japan, where I attended the German School in Tokyo, and developed a love of languages and cultures along the way. I have been a freelance translator in the U.S. for over 20 years and was fortunate enough to spend enough time at home with my two daughters to raise them bilingually. I am also a martial arts instructor and a classically trained singer.

Natalie Moessner

I was born and raised in the beautiful part of Bavaria, Germany called Frankonia. Having graduated as Pediatric Nurse in Nuernberg, Germany I worked with children of all ages. My daughters grow up bilingual and it amazes me how they improve their language skills every day. It is with great joy and excitement that I will start teaching children between ages 8-10 years at EGLS. My main priority is to have a fun and safe learning environment for all children. We will be using a variety of materials and sing songs while working on our weekly curriculum.

Sandrine Hoffmann

I was born in Trier, Germany, and have been living with my husband, in the US since 2008. We have 2 Children that we are raising bilingually. In May 2017, I graduated with my Master in Finance from the Institute of Technology in Florida and work now as a Inventory Specialist in Seattle. I enjoyed volunteering with my children in preschool as well as elementary school, which has taught me a great deal about the culture and education system here in Seattle. This will be my first year - I am very excited to be joining EGLS, share my culture and language with children over here in Seattle. I love teaching through expression and sharing ideas as well as singing songs and doing crafts with young children. This will be exciting experience to see the progress of our first class group!

Gesina Howard

I was born and grew up in the Stuttgart area and later lived in Frankfurt for 13 years. I worked for an Airline in Frankfurt and also in Seattle after I moved here. Since 2008 I have been living in the Seattle area with my husband who grew up here. My children, who are 4 and 6 years, are being raised bilingual and are native speakers in both languages. Since my daughter started Kindergarten I have been volunteering in her classroom as well as in my younger daughter’s pre-school. It is always fun experiencing the kids curiosity and excitement about things which I sometimes might not even notice.
I love reading and doing crafts with children and learning what they can teach me.
This will be my first year working for EGLS and I look forward to sharing my culture and working with children.


Former Faculty

Dakota Chenoweth

I grew up bilingual speaking both German and English at home. I started schooling in Germany before my family moved here to the US. I myself graduated from the EGLS School successfully completing both the DSD1 and DSD2 exams. I have worked at the EGLS and SAGA schools for over 8 years now with Spring and Summer camps at the SAGA school and being a teacher assistant in both the Saturday school here at EGLS as well as the EGLS weekly preschool a couple years ago. I have been a full time EGLS Saturday schoolteacher since 2013. I have always loved teaching and spending time with children and therefore am very grateful to be a teacher here at the EGLS school.


Margarete Chenoweth

I was born in Aschaffenburg, Germany, and have been living with my husband, who speaks and writes German fluently, in the US since 1999. We are raising our three children bilingually. As a teacher, I enjoy educating the students in my native language. My class has to be interesting, fun and at the same time should encompass the German culture. We learn German through play, crafting, reading and writing, celebrating fests and when we get together with other students during break. I have been teaching at EGLS since January 2002 and since 2007 at the SAGA school, and am pleased that most of my students come back each year.


Anne Jaeger

I’m a native German coming to the Seattle in October 1996. I got a Master in education with majors in History and Russian Language from Teachers College Dresden and a Certified Teachers degree for Special Need Children from Fachakademie für Heilpädagogik in Munich. In Germany I have worked with students elementary through high school as well as with children in early education and preschools. I started teaching at Eastside German Language School in 2001 and after taking a break, I am looking forward being part of the EGLS Teachers Team again. Since 2002 I have been working for ABC German School, teaching children in a Preschool Immersion Program. I enjoy working with kids a lot. I’m always amazed how fast they can absorb a language and how excited they can get, when feeling welcome, respected and encouraged. Learning by doing and using all their senses, curiosity and creativity are the ways to make learning effective, easy and fun.


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